10 Things I Hate (But Also Love) about Mr. P

                          credit: http://www.learnwithcolleen.com

I’ve heard a couple of times that the very things we hate about the people we love are the same things that make them endearing or attractive.

As for Mr. P, these are the 10 things I hate but also love about him.

1.I hate that Mr. P’s skinny.

Mr. P has never gained an ounce for all the years we’ve been together. He’s still underweight. My arms and legs are bigger than his. I’ve already done everything I could to motivate him to gain some weight. No avail. In retrospect, I realized that Mr. P’s scrawniness makes me comfortable around him. I’m petite and I have the tendency to feel overwhelmed around tall and muscled men. I can’t help it. They make me feel small. But with Mr. P, I feel comfortable even though he’s tall. Thanks to his lanky frame.

2. I hate how he does not talk a lot. 

He’s generally a quiet person. He wouldn’t talk about himself until you pry him open I hate how he keeps his plans, his problems and his thoughts to himself. But I’m also thankful that he doesn’t talk as much as I do. It would be a disaster if he loves to talk like me.

3. I hate how he does not think too much. 

I’m an over thinker. I like analyzing things and just thinking. Mr. P does not have time for that. He lives in the concrete and the tangible while I love abstractions. It used to frustrate me that he doesn’t love ”thinking” as much as I do. But in hindsight, I’m glad that one of us sees the world in simpler ways. He helps me uncomplicate things,

4. I hate his passion for computer games. 

There has been strings of third party in our relationship- Counterstrike, DOTA and now it’s COC. He could cut our dates and conversations short because of games. He could forget our fights because of games. But I’m glad that I’m only sharing him with games and not with other girls.

5. I hate his anti-social tendencies. 

Although I’m an introvert, I’m very sociable. I’m interested with people. Mr. P couldn’t care less about why his boss seemed angry. He’s not unkind or mean. He’s not just interested with other people. His friends are the same ones he used to have since childhood. My comfort is that, because of his anti-social tendencies, flirting does not come easy to him.

6. I hate that how self-contained he can be. 

For all the years we’ve been together, I’ve never seen Mr. P cried nor got really angry. His emotions have always been in the middle. He’s never too happy nor too sad. He doesn’t show as much emotion as I do. Why do I hate it? Cause it’s hard to know how he feels unless I ask him. But I’m also thankful that he’s like that. It gives me a sense of stability. He reminds me of my father.

7. I hate his ”dependence” on my planning abilities. 

When we travel or do things this is how it goes: I suggest, I plan and we’ll have fun. It used to frustrate me how Mr. P can be totally clueless where we’re going or what we’ll do. He just trusts that whatever I planned will be great. We had several fights because of this trait.  But I also realized that because of his ”dependence,” I have the freedom to choose and decide where we’ll go and what we’ll do.

8. I hate that he’s a conservative risk-taker. 

When it comes to business and investments, I’m like a gambler.  I’m not afraid to take risks. Several times, I couldn’t understand why Mr. P couldn’t see the possibilities that I could see. I have been disappointed a lot of times because I felt that he’s not supporting my plans. But I’m glad that one of us is more conservative. I only see the ideal while he sees possible stumbling blocks. His conservative attitude has saved me from losing thousands of cash.

9. I hate he’s not as driven as me. 

We’re the typical movie couple- Girl is career-oriented while the guy is quite laidback. Just like in the movies, I thought Mr. P has no ambition and no goals in life. Through the years, I learned to appreciate Mr. P’s mindset and attitude. If not for his laidback attitude, I wouldn’t know how to stop from working.

10. I hate how disorganized he can be. 

I love order and cleanliness. Mr. P loves comfort even at the expense of order. I still can’t find peace when I see his scattered socks or the mixed foods on his plate. Though I can’t understand why he’s like that, I learned to see how he balances my OC tendencies. He’s my yin as I am his yang.