I’m getting married!

And no one knows yet. Well, except for my fiance and me.

My fiance- Mr. P, and I haven’t shared the wedding news to our families because we want an intimate and small celebration. We want to make this wedding our very own- not my mother’s or his mother’s. We only want to invite people who truly care and pray for us- not a family reunion of some sort. So, we’re keeping all the preparations in secret. We’ll announce our plans once everything is ready and all my family and friends have to do are to wear their nicest clothes and have fun with us.

Because I can’t share the anticipation and anxiety of my big day, I’ll just write about them here anonymously for now.

Join in me in keeping this wonderful journey a secret. Ssssshhhh!


7 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you. I wanted to have less than 50 guests but I have a big family so 80 is the least we can do. I also don’t understand big weddings. So stressful and so expensive. I doubt all those people actually care for the couple. But that’s just my opinion. 🙂


  1. Hi sis!

    I’ve been reading your blog from time to time, coz we have some similarities when it comes to wedding preps.

    We’ll be having our wedding next year also in Tagaytay, church wedding in Caleruega. Intimate with 80 guests as well. An overseas bride too! =)

    We got L&J also as our caterer, and been eyeing for Cuatro Hermanas and tourist cake to be our suppliers din. =)

    I’ll be happy if you’ll post supplier reviews and ratings with peso power if you have free time na. It could help future brides esp ME sis! I just want to see if our allotted budget is feasible enough to pull off our dream simple and intimate wedding. Hehe!

    Our wedding will be on Q4 of 2016 pa, but we’re starting to book suppliers as early as now to lock the 2015 rates. =)

    Congratulations and Best Wishes sis! May God Bless your marriage! =)


    • Hi. Same with me I was also planning to get married in the Philippines ( tagaytay) I have no clue when and how to start. Because of this blog I started doing my own research. And found my self emailing l&j catering. I do not like big weddings either. Just the closest friends and family. How was your planning going ? Could you share some thoughts to me to. Thanks. My email address is Florence.leffel@yahoo.com


      • Hello!

        I’m glad you find my site helpful. I already got married last August. It was a happy wedding despite of the rain. We’re glad that we chose to have a small wedding. It was more meaningful and intimate that way. There’s also less drama. I highly recommend L&J. The owner is really hands on even to the smallest detail to ensure a great wedding. Happy preps!


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