I Love Disney Wedding Vow


Finally. Sa wakas.

I know how much we’ve both waited for this, how much we’ve struggled for this and how much we’ve prayed for this. So I know that we’re both very happy and amazed that finally we can start our happily ever after.

But the truth is, once upon a time, I never dreamt of getting married.

As a child, I imagined myself to be Peter Pan female version. I just wanted to stay young and fly. I wanted go around the world and live in my own Neverland. I’d climb mountains, sail the seas and write about all the places I’ve been to.

But God has other plans. He molded my heart to be part of a greater adventure- our love story. He showed me that life is more meaningful and more beautiful when its shared with that special person.

I know that you’re that one special person God designed for me. You stood by me in the worst times of my life. You saw the beauty in me in the ugliest times. You showed me that love is indeed patient, love is indeed kind and love waits for His perfect time.

So today, I’m saying goodbye to Peter Pan female version. I’m letting go of imaginary fairy dusts and thrill-induced Captain hooks. Instead, I’m embracing the “fairy tale” God crafted for us.

I know, you’re not a prince. You’re not the most charming man. You don’t have a castle, not even a horse. I know you won’t slay dragons for me and you’d be probably too shy to kiss me awake. But that’s okay because I’m no princess either.

I’m not as fair as Snow White nor as graceful as Cinderella. I’m not as beautiful as Aurora or as sexy as Jasmine. (konti lang).  I don’t even have the singing voice of Ariel or the kindness of Belle. 

But, I promise to be like Nala as to Simba. I will encourage you and motivate you. I will believe in you even when you stop believing in yourself.

I will be your Mulan, the princess warrior. I will fight with you. And, hopefully, never against you. We will face whatever battles this life may bring side by side.

I will be your Mrs. Up. But unlike in the movie, we will go to Angel Falls together. We will explore the world with our cute little Patrick. I will teach him how to cycle, how to climb mountains and how to write stories. You will teach him how to play DOTA, CoC and all the computer games you play.

And, I promise to submit to you in love. I know this won’t be easy for me but by God’s grace, I’ll always keep in mind to see you as the head of our household.

I love you honey, and I can’t wait to live in the pages of our very own adventure.

With God as our author, director, screenwriter, I know that we can show the world na may forever at happily ever after.


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