How Much Does a Wedding in Tagaytay Cost?

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Our caterer’s slogan is “Tagaytay is not only for the elite.” True enough, we didn’t spend as much as people think a Tagaytay-wedding cost.

For couples who are hesitant to wed in Tagaytay because you think it might be pricey, here’s our budget that will you tell you otherwise.

Note that you can still reduce the expenses by looking for cheaper suppliers.

1.Venue: Taalena Restaurant

Peso Power: 48,000

Inclusions: The garden area and the lower dining hall. This place is cheaper when availed from L&J Catering.

2. Caterer: L&J Catering (for 80 guests)

Peso Power: Around 50,000

Inclusions: Ceremony set-up with tiffany chairs, styling of reception area with tiffany chairs and centerpiece arrangement, five-course meal, discounted prices for the crew and freebies.

3. OTD Coordinator: ZRM Events

Peso Power: 10,000 (discounted price)

Inclusions: Five coordinators during the day, consultation with Ms. Irene during planning.

4. Florist: Cuatro Hermanos

Peso Power: 7,000 

Inclusions: Bouquets for the bride, for 2 mothers, for 3 witnesses (principal sponsors) and for 2 bridesmaids. Also included are flowers for the aisle.

5.Band: Madz and Dzhei

Peso Power: 10,000

Inclusions: Performance of a duo with guitar accompaniment and rendition of 30 songs in both ceremony and reception.

6. Gown and Suit for Bride & Groom:  RTW suit and gowns from Divisoria Stalls

Peso Power: 7,000 (Yes! Just 7,000 for the suit and bridal gown)

Inclusions: Bridal Gown with 2 veils, cord, arrhae, free size adjustment and 3-piece suit with necktie.

7. Gowns and Suits for Entourage: own gowns and suits

Peso Power: 0

8. Shoes: Figlia for the Bride and Itti for the Groom

Peso Power: 3,000 

Inclusions: A pair of  high-heeled silver sandals with crystal adornment for the bride,  a pair of silver flats for the bride during reception party and a pair of black leather shoes for the groom. All of these items were on sale. We’re lucky to find them.

9. HMUA: Val Villarin

Peso Power: 15,000

Inclusions: Airbrush make-up for the bride, make-up for the 2 mothers and bridesmaids, grooming for the groom and 2 fathers. Free second look and trial make-up.

10. Lights, Sounds & Projector: Intensity 8 

Peso Power: 10,500

Inclusions: Basic sound system, Led lights and projector.

11. Invitation: Sweetscapes Design + DIY printing

Peso Power: Less than 3,000 for 50 pieces

Note: Sweetscapes Design did the design for the invitation for 1,000 PHP. Then we spent around 1,000 for specialty paper and envelopes at National Book Store and 1,000 for printing at a local print shop.

12. Favors: Soaps from Leiania House of Beauty (80 pieces)

Peso Power: 3,500

Inclusions: Whitening and Oatmeal soaps packaged in mesh bags.

13. Photo and Video: 24 Frames Manila

Peso Power: 41,000 

Inclusions: on the day coverage of  2 photographers, 1 video grapher, 1 video editor, SDE, prenup shoot, 100 edited photos for wedding album and 40 edited photos for prenup album.

14. Host: Ms. Kris (c/o L&J)

Peso Power: 4,000

15. Crew Meal: Packed Gourmet

Peso Power: 6,500

Inclusions: Solo lunch packs for 40 people. The lunch set includes 1 dish, 2 cups of rice and 1 bottle of mineral water.

18. Preps Venue: View Park Hotel

Peso Power: 30,000

Inclusions: Overnight stay in 1 Family Room good for 10 people, 1 Junior Suite, 1 Premier Room, 1 Deluxe Room, 3 Standard Rooms. We were 22 guests in all with 3 additional children. Breakfast is included.

19. Rings: Gemline

Peso Power: 12,000

Inclusions/ Description: 2-toned Italian gold ring  with free engraving

20. Cake: Tourist Cakeshop

Peso Power: 3,000

Inclusion: 2 big layers of chocolate cake with cute toppers

With around 250,000 PHP, Mr. P and I had our wedding exactly where we wanted it to be.


5 thoughts on “How Much Does a Wedding in Tagaytay Cost?

  1. Sis can I have contacts of Intensity 8, Madz & Dzhei and Packed Gourmet? Eto ba yung Alice Packed Gourmet sa FB? Bakit ang dami ng crew? Just reply on e-add that I provide. thanks


  2. Sis, may I know if ok ba yung food sa L&J. I’m overseas kase and plan na namin na sila ibook even without FT. Nagrely lang kami sa mga reviews sa FB and in GT. Package B din sana (soup lang naman&yung vegetable salad yung difference sa package A). Add ons nalang ng L&S and if ok pa sa budget,upgrade ng chair

    budget wedding kami:)


    • Hi, I paid 4000 for my wedding gown and 3000 for my the groom’s suit. Our entourage paid for their dresses. I lost the numbers where we got the gown and suit. But we got them from Divisoria. 🙂


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