Part 3: Wedding Suppliers Ratings

This is the last part of our feedback for our suppliers. This part are for the remaining suppliers we haven’t reviewed yet.

(For the First Part of our Suppliers’ Ratings, click here.)

(For the Second part, click here. )

11. Invitations: Sweetscapes Design

Rating: 4

They work fast on our invitation. They were also patient with the changes we had. We love how our invitation turned out.

Points for Improvement:

Maybe conceptualize their own designs.

12. Give-Aways: Soaps from Leiania House of Beauty

Rating: 5

We got our favors from my sister’s online beauty store. I can personally attest for her products. So, we didn’t hesitate in making them as gift favors to our guests. We gave oatmeal and whitening soaps for our guests. My sister provided us with elegant-looking mesh bags, too.

Points for Improvement:

Nothing, I can think about.

13. Bridal Gown: Bejem Store at Dragon Mall, Divisoria

Rating: 5

Bejem was a great find! My gown was even a greater find! It took me one whole day in Divisoria before I found the gown I had in mind. Most stalls in Divisoria offer the same styles of gowns. Bejem’s gowns are different from the other stalls. Their gowns are not as heavily designed. Their beadwork is simpler and not overwhelming. The material they used is so much lighter and easier to carry. It was almost closing time when we found this store but they did overtime work just to adjust the size of my gown. (My body frame was smaller than the one on the rack.) For only 4,000 PHP, I had a lovely gown, a long veil, a cord and an arrhae.

Points for Improvement:


14. Crew Meal: Packed Gourmet

Rating: 4

We had chicken curry and pork hamonado.Their food tastes just about right. The amount per solo packed meal is already good for 2 people. Their food is good value for money.

Points for Improvement:

What made me rate them with a 4 is that they delivered our lunch way too early. I specifically said to deliver the lunch at 11:30 but they delivered it at 10 am. The food was already cold when lunch time comes. They should have considered my wishes or informed us beforehand.

15. Preparation Venue: Park View Hotel

Rating: 5

View Park is the hotel right in front of Picnic Grove. Their room rates are more affordable compared to the other hotels in the area. The rooms in their new building are elegantly-designed with high ceilings and large windows. Their new building is European in design with large columns and a grand staircase. It’s perfect for wedding shoots. Their family room can house up to 20 people.

The best thing about View Park is their superb customer service. The staff are always cordial and smiling, They tried to accommodate our every request. Their restaurant also provides affordable and delicious food. They have a kiddie pool, a massage salon and and a cafe.

Points for Improvement:

The day after our wedding, we waited for an hour for our breakfast. However, I had to give it to them that they’re full house on that day and most of the guests asked for room service.Still, it would be so much better if our breakfast didn’t take too long.

And this ends our suppliers’ reviews. I’m very thankful to have worked and dealt with all the people who made our wedding a great one. To all the brides out there, may you also find the right people for your wedding team.


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