Thank You, Dear Guests!

Dear Guests,

Mr. P and I had a lovely wedding because of you.

Thank you for being on time. We started at 3:10 pm, only 10 minutes late from what was stated on the invitation. It wasn’t your fault, actually. There was a confusion with the bridal car, I was the reason why we didn’t start on the strike of 3. (I’ll tell the story when I have the chance to see you again.)

Thank you for looking all so charming and dashing. You were all so picture perfect. I would have kissed everyone if that was acceptable.

Thank you for cheering Mr. P during his sexy dance. He would have probably lost his confidence had you not cheered him on.

Thank you for laughing at us. Yes, we’re grateful that you found the little mishaps amusing. Hearing your laughter during our “What-the-heck-we’re-doing” moments relieved us of embarrassment.

Thank you for really going out to the muddy garden for picture taking. We wanted to get married on that garden overlooking the lake. Unfortunately, Mr. Sun did not permit us. Still, we’re thankful that he gave us a few minutes for picture taking.

Thank you for braving the traffic and the heavy rains for us. We prayed really hard to have a clear, fine weather. But for whatever reason God has, it still rained. Somehow, the rains made your presence all the more appreciated. We hope we’ll all receive as much blessings as the rains we had on that day.

Thank you for blessing us with gifts- in cash and kind. We were deeply touched by your generous gesture.

Thank you for delighting in the food and in the company of other guests. During the wedding, we were all the more happy because we saw you were also enjoying yourself. It made all the planning (and the expenses) all worth it!

Thank you for exerting efforts we may never know just to be with us.

Thank you for adding your own happiness to our day. It made our wedding overflow with joy. It felt like all the Christmases in my lifetime rolled into one.

Thank you for loving Mr. P and me as single people even before our wedding. You’ve all been a blessing to us in one way or another during our lives. You made our hearts fuller and more than ready to love another person.

Thank you for celebrating with us. You completed our joy and made our day truly wonderful.

With grateful hearts,

Patrick and Faye


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