8 Types of Annoying Wedding Guests

If you’re invited to a wedding, or any event actually, don’t be any of the following:

credit: http://www.ebay.com/If you’re attending a wedding, or any event actually, don’t be any of the following annoying kind of guest.

1.The latecomer

Description: Guests who are late for whatever reason. Their common excuse is the heavy traffic or their inability to read the map.

2. The un-RSVP’d

Description: Guests who do not care to send their confirmation or non-attendance even if all communication technology is available to them. No matter how big the RSVP is printed on the invitation, these guests won’t tell you if they’re coming or not to your wedding. An event is a matter of wait-and-see to them.

3. The critic

Description: Guests who have something to say about the wedding- from the food to the couple’s honeymoon plans. What they say is usually negative. They also sometimes compare other weddings they’ve attended just because they don’t have the self-control to not say anything.

4. The food hoarder

Description: This is the guest who planned to eat (and possibly take home) all the food served in the wedding. Some are even prepared with their own goody bags.

5. The KJ

Description: KJ stands for Kill Joy. These are guests who attended the event but who have no plans to participate in the activities in any way. They’re hard to please and they usually wear stoic faces.

6. The indifferent GoG

Description: GoG means Guest of the Guest. These are people who come to a wedding because of the extra courtesy seat you provide your guests. Some GoG are respectful enough to at least greet the celebrators. But there are some who don’t even have the decency to know the names of the newly weds.

7. The trespasser

Description: The trespassers are basically gatecrashers. Some trespassers are friends of guests who have the audacity to bring someone along uninvited.

8. The unprepared

Description: These are invited guests who did not bother to wear something presentable. They probably think they’re cute enough to attend in their casual clothes.


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