Reminders!: Wedding Paper Works

Aside from dealing with suppliers, finding pegs on Pinterest and updating guests, engaged couples have some paper works to do. I’m not only talking about the marriage license but actual paper works.

Don’t forget to do the following:

1. The seat plan for the ceremony

Most couples have seating arrangement for the reception but overlook the ceremony seat plan. I think this is equally important, at least, for your guests. I remember attending my cousin’s wedding 3 or 4 years ago. My family and relatives were all scattered because there were no designated seats. It was no big deal but I think the whole ceremony would have been more enjoyable for us, guests, if we’re together as a group.

2. The wedding program

Even if you hired a host or a coordinator, it’s still important to have an idea what will happen in the wedding program. Take some time to seat with your partner and talk what things you’d like to happen during the party. Put them on paper and show them to your host or coordinator. Take time to also know how the party will go so you’d know how much time you have for eating, when you can mingle with guests and when you can take toilet breaks. There was a wedding party I attended where the host was looking for the groom for the garter game. The groom went to the toilet and all the guests had to wait for him. Again, it was no big deal but it could have avoided some lull time.

3. The pre and post timeline of the wedding ceremony

Just like a real production, weddings have pre and post productions. Ask your coordinator to help you plan the schedule. For the pre-wedding, you need to consider the preparation time, the photo shoot and a break. If you’re having an afternoon wedding, you need to schedule lunch for your staff. If you’re having a lunch wedding, you need to schedule breakfast time. For the post-wedding, take some time to talk and thank your wedding staff and suppliers. You also need to make sure that everything is paid.

4. The thank you list

It never hurts to make a list of all the people you’d like to thank during your wedding. With all the chaos and drama in weddings, you may forget to mention some guests or some suppliers. Some would probably treat it as no big deal but it always feels good to be mentioned, right?

5. The give-away or favor list

If you have different set of guests for your guests, make a give-away list. If you’ve asked your coordinators to distribute the favors, then you have to make a list.  This is just to ensure that you won’t forget anyone.




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