Brides, Suit Yourself!

I’m not exactly a traditional bride. I have no bridesmaids nor secondary sponsors. I haven’t announced my engagement nor shared our wedding plans. There wasn’t even a formal proposal to tell. I don’t have an engagement ring. I don’t know what kind of wedding dress I like. I’ll go for an RTW. I only invited a handful of people. (Which they don’t know yet.) I’ll include tons of reminders in our invitation that might sound tactless.

Example: Please confirm if you’re not coming. (Para makaimbita kami ng iba. Haha!/ So we can invite other people.Hehe!)

I’m not getting married on June or December. I’m not keen on having a photo booth on our wedding. I’m okay not having mason jars, too.

But I’m not exactly a rebellious bride. I’m looking forward to wearing a white dress. I’d like to have the traditional first dance, cake cutting and dramatic speeches. I like my parents to walk me on the aisle. I like to be married in a lovely garden with a stunning view just like most brides. I have no aspirations of making our wedding unique.

I’m not a bridezilla. I don’t hound my suppliers or my coordinator. Once I’ve done my research and made my decisions, it’s que sera sera.

But I’m not a exactly a bridechilla, too. I’m  thorough and detailed, I timed everything on our wedding day. I emphasized on my suppliers that I’m crazy on being on time. I made a specific seat plan. I made plans on things I can control.

I’m not exactly practical. I would have gotten the cheapest suppliers if I were. Or, we wouldn’t have a destination wedding.Or, we would have our wedding in the morning. (Daytime weddings are cheaper.) Or, we’ll just ask our friends to do things for us.

But I’m not expensive. I set limits on our budget. I can’t imagine spending more than the budget we’ve allotted for our wedding.I’m okay not getting the “best” suppliers if we can’t afford them. I make do on whatever we can get.

I’m a bride who knows what I like and don’t like. I’m a bride who understands what I can have and can’t have. I’m a bride who’s everything in between because it suits me.

And so should every bride. Be a bride that suits you.


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