Yes, We Prefer Cash as a Wedding Gift


A lot of couples are hesitant to write they prefer cash as wedding gifts.

Some brides think it’s tactless or it sounds like they’re begging or something. Some suggested it’s better if they just share this through word of mouth and not write on invitations. They don’t want to offend their guests, blah, blah, blah. I mean I’m sure they have their reasons why they find “We prefer cash” uninviting on wedding invitations.

Actually, Mr. P is also hesitant to write it. On the contrary, I’m not ashamed or hesitant or shy to actually write “WE PREFER CASH AS GIFTS.” I’m direct like that.

Why? Because I’m practical. I’m honest enough to admit what we need. And I trust my guests love us enough (or just even like us enough) to not be offended with our preference.

Mr. P and I will be living overseas after our wedding. If our guests will give us chinaware, appliances and furniture, how are we going to use them? We’ll just give them away to our families. I’m okay with giving away things but if I were the one who presented the gift, I want to see it being used.

Also, even if we’re staying in the country, I would also prefer to receive cash. We’d use that for mortgage or add to our honeymoon budget. Having a house is more urgent than having things for the house.

If one of my guests will be offended by our preference, that’s their problem. I’m sorry to sound harsh, but that really is their problem. I don’t know why preferring money is offensive over preferring a rice cooker, an oven or bed sheets. PREFER is also the operative word. It implies we need cash but any gift is okay. I also think that people who would get offended by this either don’t really know us as people or are cheapskates.

I’m not ashamed to say “We Prefer Cash” because Mr. P and I know the reality of our financial situation. We are financially independent. We work hard and we can survive on our own BUT we appreciate financial help. We have saved for our wedding but it would be nice if we can have some cash as we start our life together. We never pretended we have all the money in the world but we don’t beg either.

I’m not ashamed to say “We Prefer Cash” because I wouldn’t hesitate giving cash if that’s what a friend prefers. I also believe that if a person prefers cash, any amount will be helpful. It’s a matter of giving what you can.

I’m not ashamed to say “We Prefer Cash” because we made our guest list not based on their income but on their emotional investment to us. And because I’m trusting the relational investments we made to them, we’re comfortable enough to say We Prefer Cash. Whether their gifts are in cash or in kind, our respect and affection for them won’t diminish. Even if they don’t give us gifts, they’d still matter to us. We didn’t love people based on their money and we won’t start loving or unloving people based on what they give on our wedding.

My point really is simple, we’re just telling you we prefer cash as a gift but it’s not a requirement nor for strict compliance.  It’s just a statement of what would be helpful to us.

PS: I wouldn’t really write “We Prefer Cash” on our invitations. It sounds so business-like. Haha! I’ll express it more creatively.


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