What is a Wedding Mood Board?

I was reading a forum on wedding suppliers when somebody mentioned that her coordinator just finished making her wedding mood board. I scrambled my mind to think what a mood board is. I tried to really think what the heck is a mood board and if I need one. My brain cells haven’t encountered the word ”mood board” yet so in short, I don’t know what it is.

Being the info freak that I am, I immediately searched Google.

So what is a mood board?

A mood board is a board or a collection of images that shows the kind of mood or atmosphere for your wedding. Some people call it an inspiration board. Bridal Musings describes it as ‘a tool to visually communicate the essence of your design. It is an abstract representation of the idea of your wedding day; it should capture your dreams for your wedding and give a sense of the style and mood of your wedding – how you want it to not only look but also feel.”

Having a mood board sounds really helpful in wedding planning. Since I’m a teacher, I likened the mood board to a lesson outline. Just like a lesson outline, a mood board is not about the specific details but the overall coherence and flow of the wedding elements.

How to make a mood board?

Thanks to Pinterest and Google images, making a mood board became a breeze. What  takes time is finding the right pictures that would capture the mood you want to set in your wedding day.

So far, here are the pictures that capture the kind of mood I want for my wedding:

If you're recently engaged congratulations! Here's a cute fall engagement photo idea to celebrate.I chose the pictures based on our wedding theme- Autumn Romance. I chose pictures that show the colors of fall or pictures that evoke the feeling of romance.

I was all the more excited of how my wedding will turn out after creating the mood board. The mood board helped me imagine how the whole feel of the wedding will be. Four months to go….

For more information on mood boards, check this out:

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How to Make a Wedding Mood Board


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