Tagaytay Wedding Cake: Tourist Cakeshop

Do you know why there’s a cake ceremony on weddings?

Wedding websites state that the cake ceremony is a symbol of the couple’s hope for good luck in the future. It’s also a promise to nurture and provide for each other.

The cake ceremony is originally not a cake ceremony but a ”loaf of bread ceremony.” The groom would eat a piece of the bread then break the loaf on his bride’s head. Guests would then scramble to pick the crumbs and eat them to take part of the couple’s good luck. I can imagine how crazy weddings are in the olden times.

Then the bread turned to cake. It would be a total mess if the groom breaks the cake on his bride’s head. Instead of breaking it on her head, the bride would feed the guests with a bite of the cake. This became impractical so now, it’s just the couple feeding each other cake. I’m grateful to be living in this time.

I have a theory though that modern couples don’t really know the meaning of the cake ceremony. Couples just do it because it really looks nice and it’s a good excuse to eat cake! Who doesn’t like to eat cake? I admit I’m one of those who just like to have a cake on my wedding. I only researched about the whole cake ceremony history because my nerdy impulses struck again.

Practical Wedding Cake

So anyway, Mr. P is also excited for our wedding cake. He has a sweet tooth. He even thought of just hoarding the cake for both of us.( I doubt though that he’ll remember the cake after the party. ) Mr. P has all this plans for the cake not knowing that grand cake plans equals great moolah. He wanted a 3 to 4-tiered cake . I had to explain to him that that kind of cake is beyond our budget. And usually only the first 2 layers of the cake are edible.

I felt it’s a waste to spend on something we can’t eat. I’d prefer to have a nice topper than having a tall cake. Mr. P didn’t gave a fit and accepted my suggestion to have a 2-tiered cake. I promised he can have one whole layer all to himself. We’re already providing desserts for the guests so I’m pretty sure they won’t take interest in our cake. It’s also common now to keep the cake or just share it with the immediate family of the couple.

Practical Wedding Cake Maker

I initially planned to ask our caterer to also provide for our cake. It’s just more convenient, I think. However, a lot of forum suggested cake suppliers based in Tagaytay. Three shops came up often-Sofia’s Cake, Norie’s Kitchen and Tourist Cakeshop.

Sofia’s Cakes only offered us a one layered cake with out budget. Norie’s Kitchen haven’t replied to our inquiry even as of this writing. Tourist Cakeshop was prompt and can work well within out budget. Actually, I only asked Tourist Cakeshop what sort of cake can they make with 3,000 PHP. They’re the ones that suggested a 2-tiered  cake. I took it as a sign that they’re meant to be our supplier. They also make toppers starting from 1,000 PHP.

Reviews with Tourist Cake are okay. Brides don’t rave about them but I didn’t find any negative review so I guess they’re okay. I’m hoping they’re okay. I think they’re quite established in the industry already. Their website will also offer you a glimpse how their cakes look like. As for the taste,  we’ll do our cake tasting in August. I’ll let you know how their cakes are.

Hopefully, Mr. P would enjoy the cake on our wedding and not break it over my head. hehe!


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