Tagaytay Florist: Cuatro Hermanas

I’m based in Japan and spring has started here. If only I could bring the cherry blossoms, tulips, plum blossoms, irises and wisteria from here to the Philippines, I would. The flowers here are so lovely and big. If I’m getting married in Japan,  I wouldn’t need a florist for our wedding.

But I’m not getting married here so we searched for a florist.

Just a Side Note:

We first opted to choose a florist from Dangwa, the place for affordable flowers in the Philippines. We asked quotations from Everlasting Flowers, Armani Florist and Dangwa Florist. They all have great reviews in Female Network’s Girl Talk. The first two quoted us beyond our budget so we crossed them off the list. The last one took forever to reply when we asked for their out-of-town-fee so we crossed them off the list too.

Also, by the time Dangwa Florist replied to us we already searched a Tagaytay-based florist- Cuatro Hermanas.

The Main Note- Thoughts on Our Chosen Florist: 

I discovered Cuatro Hermanas through a blog of a Tagaytay bride. (I also found out we had a lot of similar suppliers.) I didn’t consider getting a florist from Tagaytay because I thought they’re expensive. I was wrong and I’m glad I found Cuatro Hermanas.

Why I like Cuatro Hermanas:

1. They’re efficient.

I sent an inquiry through Facebook and I got a reply within a few hours. They immediately asked for the details of my event, the theme and the motif. Within the day, they showed me a possible bouquet arrangement, a draft of a contract and suggestions for things I don’t know.

2. They’re Tagaytay-based.

I read somewhere that couples should consider florists around the wedding venue. This would help ensure that the flowers still look fresh by the time the wedding starts. It would also save costly out-of-town fees. These are the reasons why we’re happy to have found a florist from Tagaytay. No out-of-town fee and no long hours for the flowers to be transferred.

3. They’re worked on our budget.

I’ve mentioned several times on this blog, how we wanted to have budget-friendly wedding. We’re determined to get married within our budget. We only allotted 10,000 PHP for our florist. I know it might sound quite cheap for some couples. But we chose a beautiful venue so we don’t need to be stressed on styling it and filling it with flowers. We would have just gotten a cheaper venue if we’ll just spend a lot on styling and flowers.

So anyway, Cuatro Hermanas worked within our budget. For only 7,000+ PHP we have the following:

  • bridal bouquet of light orange and white roses
  • 3 entourage bouquets
  • 2 pairs of aisle flowers
  • 2 baskets for flower girls
  • lots of flower petals

I’m not picky with flowers. I don’t care what flower they use as long as it has shades of light orange and deep reds. I also don’t need imported flowers as long as the flowers are in line with our motif of autumn romance. Flowers are beautiful as they are anyway- local or imported, cheap or expensive.

Post Notes- Thoughts on Wedding Flowers:

  • All of the florists I’ve inquired with asked me why I only need 2 pairs of aisle flowers.The reason: I want to minimize the use of flowers on my wedding. I feel bad that such lovely things would be uprooted and would die just for my wedding.  I actually don’t want to use aisle bouquets at all but Mr. P said our aisle might look too bare.
  • Consider this before choosing a venue: A good garden wedding doesn’t need lots of flowers. A garden is not ”garden enough” if you need lots of flower to turn it into a garden. I just realized this when I was thinking why we need to get flowers.
  • It takes time to choose a peg for a bouquet. I thought I could just enter keywords on Google images and something great will show up. I had to spend an entire day to find the bouquet that suits me. Phew! I didn’t exactly enjoy doing this.

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