Why We Changed our Photographer and Videographer

There’s a saying that goes women can change her mind a thousand times, just because she’s a woman. I definitely have the habit of changing my mind up to the last minute. It’s one of the things that Mr. P hates about me. He’ll be set on something then I’d suddenly change my mind. I’d persuade him to change his mind too. Most of the time, he’d give in to me but he’ll also complain about it.

Let me say though that I don’t change my mind just because. I change my mind- and my decisions, because I’m a thinking human being. There’s a better saying with women’s changing minds. It goes “A woman who doesn’t change her mind, doesn’t have one.”  If something seems better, why settle? (I don’t know why I didn’t apply this mindset with Mr. P.)

With these, I discussed with Mr. P if we can change our chosen photographer and videographer. We haven’t given our down payment to them yet so we won’t be losing any money.

Why I wanted to change our Photo and Video? Here are the reasons that may help you decide or change when choosing your own suppliers.

1. First, it’s more practical to get photo and video services from one supplier. We thought of getting these from separate suppliers. This would mean two out of town fees instead of one. We have to deal with more people and spend more on packed meals. We also have to meet two separate teams for prenuptial photo and video. Such a hassle!

If we only have one photo and video services, we can save up to 10,000 PHP! Also, our photo and video will have similar styles. We also don’t have to schedule separate e-sessions. We don’t have a lot of time to prepare so it’s essential for us to maximize our time.

2. Second, the new photo and video provider we chose has newer and upgraded equipment for the same fees. I didn’t check the equipment of our previous photo and video providers until we have to make the downpayment. That’s when I started to have second thoughts.

Here’s a simple checklist for your photo and video team:

  • Do they use at least a Canon 60D? (DSLR cameras are a bit outdated now for event coverage.)
  • Do they have a glider, a crane and lights?
  • Do they have at least 2 videographers and photographers? (It’s hard to cover an event with 1 photographer and 1 videographer)
  • Do they have a separate video editor for SDE and lights man? (Your photographers and videographers cannot do everything all at once)
  • Is video editing of the entire event included in the package? (Some call this cinematic highlights. Raw footage is just too raw, you’d still hire an editor to make sense of the whole video so might as well see if it’s included.)

I’m not a professional photographer but I’ve worked behind the camera a couple of times. I’m quite familiar with basic equipment .So for couples out there: Check your photo and video providers’ equipment. It would affect the quality of your videos and pictures.

3. Lastly, our new provider produced a contract in less than 3 days. I started communicating with our new provider last Friday. I appreciate how they’re quick to reply and how they seem to be organized. (I’m a sucker for organization!) Withn 2 days, they have prepared a contract, made some modifications and clarified questions that I have. They seem to be very professional which I really like.

This is so unlike with my previous suppliers. The photography team which we’re in contact with since January has yet to produce a contract. They’re also requesting for a downpayment without it. Sample photos that we requested are sent haphazardly through FB chat. The videography team hasn’t even given their bank account details yet which we have requested a month ago. There’s also no contract yet. All my communication with them are only through Facebook messenger. Why would I give downpayment without seeing the contract, right?

So those are my three reasons for changing my photo and video team. They’re reasonable enough for Mr. P. In a rare moment, he did not get annoyed with my changing choices. He’s totally in agreement with me. I’m not changing my mind just because it’s the time of the month or just because. I’m changing because there was a better option for us.


4 thoughts on “Why We Changed our Photographer and Videographer

  1. Hi, I really admire your posts and all these secret plans. I wish I had done the same, that way no more arguing with what everyone else likes. It’s like getting married with everyone! Anyway, I’d like to ask which photo and video did you change to? I am also currently considering God’s grace but I really don’t like their videos. Any chance you can recommend us your good find?


    • Hello! Thank you for reading my posts. I’m trying to avoid the arguments and ”suggestions” of people so I made our plans secret. I hope everything will turn out beautiful for you. For the photo and video, we changed to 24 Frames Manila. They’re easy to communicate with and they have a wide range of packages for all budgets. You can also send them your peg to pattern your video photos. Try to also check out Meg and Jane and Magayon Media. They have affordable rates but quality output. Happy preps!


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