Decisions: Why Do You Have to Be so Hard?

Making Decisions.

That’s the hardest part in wedding planning, I’m realizing now.

What will be the theme? the motif? Which supplier to get? Will I have a simple entourage or will I include bridesmaids? What would be my centerpiece? Will I forego this or that? What food should I include in our menu? When will I tell my family of this wedding? And most importantly, should I be stressed with all the preps?

We barely have 5 months before our big day and the nearer it gets, the more final decisions we should make. We’re done with all the outlines and possible options. It’s time to actually D-E-C-I-D-E.

It’s hard. I’m losing my mind. And some hair.

I’m not kidding.

Just last night, I had to pick a clump of hair in my shower.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t rest until decisions have been made. I’ll keep on analyzing the pros, cons, details and what-have-you’s until something resolute takes place.

I also hate it that Mr. P doesn’t help reason out with me. He’s very simple. Whatever I want, that’s good enough for him. What’s important is he’ll be marrying me. Why can’t I be as simple as him?

I’ve come to the point where just want to get married! When did weddings become so complicated? (huhu!)

I should really end this post and start deciding. I promise myself, my next post will be more concrete decisions made.


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