Wedding Prep Problems 101

February ended with me being confident that all the wedding preparation are going well. We’ve booked our venue, caterer, OTD, HMUA, Florists and Lights & Sounds. We’re also about to book our P/V and band. Things seem to be going well until these things came up:

  • We realized we did not include “crew meals” in our budget. As of this writing, my estimate is, we’d be spending an additional 10,000 PHP for this. We’ll be going beyond our budget.
  • Flowers cause a lot of money. We only allotted 10,000 PHP for flowers. We’re now considering of getting aisle flowers that can also be used as a centerpiece flowers. I personally want to use potted flowers because I don’t want to”kill flowers” just for my wedding.
  • Our caterer and I had a sort-of misunderstanding. We told him about our budget and we asked if we can work on it. He said he can and that made us avail his services. We also asked if we could have lights, sounds and flowers with our budget. He said, he’ll try, We were confident that he understands our budget. Then when I was finalizing our contract, he referred me to his current packages. If we only knew we’d be getting his current rates, we would have gotten a cheaper caterer. We also had to forego his florist because it’s way above about budget, We thought he understood that we’re working on a budget. I’m tempted to get another caterer.
  • We haven’t decided on our P/V yet. Initially,we already had a photo and video in mind but because of all the additional expenses, we’re thinking of getting a cheaper P/V. It’s like we’re back to square one.
  • We haven’t booked a band yet too. We thought we’ll be booking a duo but I hesitated at the last minute. I really want an acoustic duo. I’m at fault on this one.

We barely have 5 months before the wedding and we still have a lot of things to do. Our timeline preparation is not being followed. My OCPD tendencies is not helping to lessen my stress. I hope I’ll get a sense of order this week.

And one more: There’s a quote I wanted on PInterest but I have no account there so i can’t copy it!!!


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