Crazy in Love

As a couple, Mr. P and I are light and carefree. We’re very casual and laidback people. Some people might be surprised to know this because Mr. P is a quiet, almost-always-serious guy. On the other hand, people always think I’m quiet, formal and level-headed. If only they knew what a crazy duo we are.

Just to show how crazy we can get:

  • We almost got arrested for trespassing. I swear, we didn’t know it was private property.
  • We rode a bus for 3 hours, drank McFloat then boarded the same bus to get back. For 3 hours again. That’s our “road trip” when Mr. P didn’t have his own wheels yet.
  • We went out of town without knowing our destination. We just boarded a bus that seemed to be going somewhere nice. After a half day travel, we ended up in Puerto Galera.
  • We sneaked in a rock concert during my grandfather’s wake. (We were young and insensitive at that time. Sorry, Lolo.)
  • We went to Lovapalooza just to stare at kissing couples. We didn’t kiss, we just went around and stared.
  • We swam in a fishing area. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. This is very stupid!

I could write more crazy and stupid things that we’ve done but I’d just be ruining our reputation as dignified people. (hehe!)

I remember a line from Hercules that goes, “People do crazy things, when they’re in love.” “Crazy” in that movie means things you’d do things you don’t normally do for someone you love, like dying or killing yourself. I don’t know. I’m not that kind of crazy.

In our case, our “crazy” is just really crazy, stupid things we wouldn’t normally do alone. I wouldn’t trespass alone. I wouldn’t ride a bus for 3 hours just for the heck of it. I wouldn’t board a bus without destination. I wouldn’t have the guts to stare at kissing people and I wouldn’t swim with schools of fish! I did them because I was with Mr. P. I don’t know but my crazy, playful and reckless side comes out when I’m with him. This is the kind of “crazy” that his love does to me. I feel like a kid who seemed to live for games, fun and good-natured naughtiness.

With Mr. P, I can just set aside my organized, well-ordered and formal self. I love myself the most when I’m with him. I feel alive and perfect.  Maybe that’s why people go crazy when they’re in love. Because for moments, it can make you feel “infinite.”


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