Cupcake Cinema- Our Sweet Videographer


When I attended a friend’s wedding five years ago, a same-day-edit video was shown during the reception. I told myself, I’ll have something like that when I get married.

Fast forward to 5 years: I’m now planning my own wedding and I can’t believe how expensive videographers have become. It’s also pricier to get a video editor with great narrative skills. If we have a higher budget, I’d get Jason Magbanua, Bob Nicolas or Notion in Motion. I like how Jason Magbanua captured the subtle fun and hints of romance in JC Intal’s and Bianca Gonzales’s wedding. Bob Nicolas show unique perspectives in his videos while Notion in Motion seemed to make their videos very personal for each couple. Sad to say, we can’t afford them. Their rates are more than half of our budget! We’re prioritizing Photo and Video but not to the extent where everything has to be sacrificed.

There are affordable videographers out there but I noticed how random some SDE’s are. Some videographers take great dramatic shots but have no “story.” I’m not also keen on “acting” for the sake of a great video. I want our video to be something natural and spontaneous. Something that would capture the atmosphere of the whole event. Something that would capture our emotions and the guests’s emotions too. And of course, something that we can afford.

I almost settled for a “so-so” videographer just because it’s what we can afford. Thankfully, the Girl Talk forum on Female Network has an extensive list of cheap Photo and Video. There we found a sweet-sounding supplier- Cupcake Cinema. Mr. P and I liked how their SDE’s highlight the things we’d like to be highlighted. Their videos have an equal running time for the preps, ceremony and reception. The frames are not solely about the couple. They also mix in some frames of the guests. Their videos are not too dramatic but not too casually fun. I like the overall cinematography and narration. Then their rates sealed the deal for us. 

We got them for 25,000 (plus 2,000 OOT) for  a full wedding coverage, cinematic highlights, service of 3 videographers and my dream SDE. Sweet, sweet deal!

In fact, they have an ongoing promo. For only 40,000 you can have full photo and video coverage with SDE, album, guestbook and e-session. How can it be sweeter than that? We didn’t avail their photo services because we already have a photographer. Also, we’re not so keen on their photos. I think their specialty is really on videos.

We can’t have Jason or Bob but at least we have a Cupcake on our wedding! It’s gonna be sweeeettt!

Check Cupcake Cinema’s FB Page, here


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