Val Villarin- Great Deal for Hair and Make-Up

I never realized how clueless I am with make-ups until I have to find a make-up artist for our wedding. I was surprised how limited my set budget was for hair and make-up. Don’t laugh, but I only allotted 5,000 PHP for hair and make-up. That’s how clueless I am. Then, I have to research the make-up brands that artists list on their websites. For the longest time, I’m just using any affordable BB cream, a lipstick and blush. I often receive eye shadows so I never bothered to buy one on my own. There’s also traditional and airbrush make-up. When did life become this complicated?

I browsed through forum after forum looking for an HMUA that fits the measly 5,000 budget. I can’t find any unless I go to the nearest neighborhood salon. Even in bridal fairs, I don’t think I can get a reliable HMUA for that amount. So, I accepted the fact that I have to double our HMUA budget. I sent emails to all possible make-up artists that’s within our increased budget of tadaaa….10,000 PHP!

However, as I compare HMUA services I realized it’s better to get someone who offers a good deal and who’ll truly make me pretty than someone who who’s just within our budget. I can always earn the additional expenses but I’ll only get married once. And so with this, I decided to get the services of Val Villarin.

He’s the deal we got from him:

Cost: 15,000 PHP

Inclusions: Airbrush for the bride, grooming for the groom, 4 pax traditional make-up, free trial make-up, free second look, no OOT, 850 PHP for additional head.

This is like the best deal I’ve seen considering that Val already has a good stable market. Former Val Villarin brides rave about how he made them really look great. His expertise is the natural look which I prefer. Also, his past brides also say how warm and friendly he is. I haven’t personally met him but I already like him for giving us a great deal. (hehe!)

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Lesson Learned: If you’re a lady, know make-up! (Nothing really profound today.)


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