Madz and Dzhei- The Wedding Singers

My ideal wedding reception is like a mini concert where all my favorite songs would be played. The guests would be humming and singing the night away. Actually, I couldn’t care much about the other wedding details but I’m very particular with the songs.

Our ideal wedding singers:

1. A full acoustic band with violin and sax. 

The sounds of violin seem so classy to me and my bridal march is perfect with it. Sax sounds relaxing and sexy so I like it.

2. Singers with good pronunciation

Being an English teacher, I can’t help but be particular with pronunciation. I want to overlook it but I can’t. (This is my OCPD inclinations attacking again.) We actually ticked off an acoustic band because the singer doesn’t have good pronunciation.

3. Professional-looking female singers

Call me a prude but I’m not impressed with female wedding singers who try to look sexy. I want them looking prim, proper and professional. It’s a wedding and not a bar performance.

Our wedding singers- for real:

It took us two weeks of research and thinking before we decided on our wedding singers. It didn’t help that out budget was limited. We couldn’t afford a full band so we settled for a duo.

We’re getting Madz and Dzhei. I was hesitant to get them at first because their forte is more of ballads, bossa and opera. The songs we like are alternative and pop rock. What convinced me to get them is Dzhei’s voice. He’s the male half of the duo. I love the timber and the clarity of his voice. Mr. P and I just decided to alter our choice of songs. (We’ll still be playing our rock songs but the band won’t be singing them. We’ve already thought of a creative way to do it. I’ll write about it after the wedding.)

Aside from their great voices, they also have good pronunciation. I read in a forum that Madz, the female half, is a former English teacher. I’m glad to know that. Madz also look professional and proper in all their videos I watched. I don’t have to think about “improperly clothed” wedding singers.

Aside from their talent, I also appreciate how Ms. Madz is prompt to reply. She also seem to be a warm but professional person.

So for our wedding singers, we’ll be having 2 out of 3 things we ideally want. And a great customer service. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Madz and Dzhei Services: 

Cost: 10,000 Pesos (no OOT because they’re Tagaytay-based)

Singers: Madz and Dzhei plus keyboardist

Number of Songs:

10 songs of our choice for the ceremony (Ours is a Christian wedding so we can choose)

10 songs of our choice for the reception

10 songs of their choice for the reception

For more information, check Madz and Dzhei’s website here.


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