Mr. P and the Nerd’s Wedding Songs

I’m looking forward to the songs in our reception.

I love music and singing. There was a time in my life when I dreamed of being a rock or pop star. That didn’t happen because music doesn’t share mutual feelings for me.

Even though we don’t have a band yet, I already have a list of songs I want to be played. Mr. P and I share the same love for acoustic, alternative  and pop rock so we like almost the same songs. We’re considering of having a rockaoke segment so we’ll have the excuse to sing too. hehe!

Here’s our song list so far for the reception:

1. Collide

2. Marry Me

3. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

4. Never Gonna Leave This Bed

5. I Won’t Give Up on Us

6. All I Ever Wanted

7. Chasing Cars

8. The Distance

9. You and Me

10. Faraway

11. A Thousand Years

12. The Reason

13. Lucky

14. I Could Not Ask for More

15. All I Ever Wanted

16. Terrified

17. I Won’t Go Home Without You

18. Small Hours

19. All of Me

20. Need You Now

Mr. P wanted to add an Ed Sheeran song. I said if we add an Ed Sheeran, we’ll have to add a Pink song. He said, what does Pink have to do with weddings. He also mentioned I already have 2 Maroon 5 songs. We could just replace it with an Ed Sheeran instead. I argued that I included “All of Me” by John Legend although I don’t like it because it’s so cliche. He rebutted with “A Thousand Years” being cliche too. Then we remembered some more songs we’d like to add. We’ll probably argue some more if his friend didn’t popped at his place.

Hence, this is our list so far… But first, we have to find a wedding band.


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