Bridal March: You Make Beautiful Things

My relationship with Mr. P already spanned a decade.  We’ve been together for so long I’ve changed songs for my bridal march a hundred times.

I used to be a fan of The Corrs when Mr. P and I met so I wanted to use the song, “Runaway.” The violin in that song seemed to be perfect for bridal entrance.

Then I had a brief affair with Enya so I chose “Only Time.” This songs gives me the chills and sounds so hauntingly beautiful. Mr. P didn’t like it but he tolerated me whenever I’d say that this would be my song.

I also considered Tangled’s OST- “I See the Light” because of the melody. The lyrics are not very applicable to me though.

I’ve picked out Train’s “Marry Me,” but it was too popular. I had the same problem with Bruno Mars’s “Just the Way You Are.”

My cousin used another choice in her wedding, Lifehouse, “You and Me.”

Then, I’ve discovered, “A Thousand Years,” but it became too popular as a bridal song after a few months. It was just so perfect for our relationship cause we’re nearing a decade. I’m tempted to just use it but I want my bridal march to be unique.

I checked my favorite artists if they have songs that are bridal march material. Maroon 5 doesn’t have. The Script doesn’t have. Snow Patrol doesn’t have.Ingrid Michaelson’s songs are too sad. Pink, obviously, doesn’t have but I still hoped she had. Coldplay doesn’t have too.

I can’t believe how hard it is to find a bridal march!

I don’t like pop songs or ballads. I don’t like lyrics that too cliche and cheesy.

Mr. P adviced me to stop stressing myself since we still have a few more months. A song would just suddenly speak to me, he said.

I didn’t stop stressing being the obsessive person that I am. But true enough a song spoke to me.

It’s “You Make Beautiful Things,” by Gungor- a Christian band. I’ve loved this song the first time I heard three years ago. The melody’s perfect especially the acoustic version. I never thought this would be my bridal march because the lyrics are more about God than about mortal love.

But the more I listen to this song, the more I’m convinced that this is the perfect bridal march for me. When Mr. P and I agreed to get married, we also prayed that our wedding will be a display of God’s love and glory. If it wasn’t for our faith in Him, we wouldn’t have lasted this long. We’ve had a lot of trials and pains along the way but they didn’t feel heavy.  When we think about the things we’ve gone through, we can’t imagine how we survived without bitterness and anger against each other. All this time, it’s Christ who’s working in us, perfecting us, loving us and just making us beautiful. I couldn’t think of anything better than to profess God’s love for Mr. P and me during our wedding. His love is stronger, eternal and unconditional than Mr. P and I could ever have each other.


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