My Bridal Car: The Little Red Car

My ideal wedding venue is somewhere where I can stay the night before the wedding, do the wedding preparations, hold the ceremony and have the reception. I don’t like transferring from one place to another. Feels inconvenient. I’m lazy like that.

This wouldn’t be the case for our wedding. We have to find a place for the wedding preps. From there, I’d need a bridal car to the our wedding venue. Hassle, hassle, hassle. That would also mean additional expenses.

Then, a brilliant idea came to my mind. (It’s my idea  so it’s brilliant. hehe!) I told Mr. P that I’ll just use his little red car as my bridal car. If I wouldn’t only be in my gown, I could drive myself to the venue. I cannot,  so I’ll ask my brother to be my driver. I just love this idea because it makes even this little thing personal.

Mr. P’s little red car has been with us for for a few years now. It heard our laughter, arguments and words of love. It witnessed the places we’ve been to. It knows our greatest dreams. It’s just so fitting that this same car would drive me to where Mr. P and I would be a Mr. and Mrs.

As for my brother, I’m sure he won’t turn me down. Although my family doesn’t know my wedding plans yet, I know they’ll be supportive in every way possible. That includes my brother being my driver.  I believed I’m loved like that.


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