God’s Grace Productions, PH: A Surprisingly Good Photographer

“Photographs capture moments that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce”

-Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel and Fendi director)

When all the wedding laughter and drama is done, only the pictures will stay with us.

So, Mr. P and I agreed to make photography (and videography) one of our priorities. We agreed to really take time to find the right photographer.

This task was challenging.

We wanted a photographer we can afford but who has skills for natural-looking pictures. It wasn’t easy.

There are so many photographers out there, all have merits in their works.

So, how do you find the right “one” out of the hundreds?

We  found ours by God’s grace. And that’s exactly the name of our photographer- God’s Grace Productions.

The Discovery

I heard about God’s Grace Productions through Girl Talk on the “Affordable P/V” forum.

I searched them on the internet and was led to their FB page. All of their posts there are Same Day Edit videos. I watched a few and they weren’t to my liking. I still asked for their packages. I also mentioned how much our budget is for photography and video.

Ms. Raissa was prompt to reply. She agreed to give us the services we need for the price we can afford.

We kept her on our shortlist and “to-meet” photographers because of the price although we weren’t seriously considering them.

The Meeting

When I came home last December, Ms. Raissa took the time to meet us. I appreciated it because I know it’s a very busy time for them.

It was easy to be comfortable with Ms. Raissa. She’s friendly and warm. And she understands the “secret and intimate” planning of our wedding.

But we’re still hesitant to get their services. (Because I don’t really like their SDE’s.)

Until she showed us their photography portfolio.

Their style was exactly the kind of pictures we wanted-natural, light and happy.

I don’t know why they’re not posting them on their page.

I think they’ll have more clients if they do.

The Plan

It’s the pictures that convinced us so that’s what we’re getting.

We told Ms. Raissa that we’ll only avail their photography services.

She quoted us the same exact amount I had in mind including all the services we need.  How cool is that?

I just find it amazing how everything just fell into place.

The person we least considered was actually the right one.

We’re looking forward to our engagement shoot in May!

FYI: Our Contract

Price: 20,000 PHP ( + 2500 OOT Fee)


– 3 photographers

– Full wedding coverage

– 8x 10 wedding album with 40 pages

– 150- 200 edited pictures

– engagement/ pre-nuptial shoot

Not bad, right?

More FYI: God’s Grace Productions photo and video services is worth 37,500 PHP including Same Day Edit. It’s a great deal for those who are looking for an affordable P/V services.


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