My 3 Most Helpful Philippine Wedding Websites

I’ve never been so thankful for the internet than now when I’m planning my big day. I didn’t have to spend a single coin for bridal magazines. It’s also easy to keep the wedding preps in secret because I don’t have to ask for supplier contacts. I’m doing all the research on wedding suppliers with my bestest friend at the moment- Google.

For soon to be brides who don’t know where to start researching online, here are some wonderful websites I’m using:

1. Girl Talk on Female Network

This is a website created for the Filipina. It covers every possible topic that would interest women. What I find really helpful in this site is the numerous fora on wedding preparations. I’ve found fora on every possible wedding related concerns- budget, planning, suppliers, post-wedding stuff, supplier reviews, themes, guests issues, etc. The site is so rich with information I usually need a pen and paper to take notes when browsing.

It’s through Girl Talk that I discovered my caterer and photographer. I’ll be using it for my other suppliers as well. The participants are so helpful. They share honest reviews and personal experiences with suppliers. I’ve also come across suppliers that you wouldn’t know from other wedding websites. They also offer great advice to those who need them. I’m just a regular lurker on the site cause I don’t have anything to share yet.  I hope to participate more actively as my wedding preps progress.

2. Bridal Book

Bridal Book is an actual wedding website so the information are more organized. For me, the best feature of this site is their list of suppliers with price ranges. It saves me time from inquiring to every possible supplier on the list. I just had to look at the prices. If they’re within the budget, I’ll jot them on my shortlist. Thanks to Bridal Book, we learned about an affordable videographer.

3. Weddings at Work

A lot of blogger brides mentioned how Weddings at Work helped them a lot. Personally, I find their extensive supplier list overwhelming. There are just so many I don’t where to start. However, the wedding-related articles are really helpful so I regularly visit this site. It also has a wedding community which I’m planning to join.

There are other wedding websites I’ve browsed and I’m sure they’re helpful to other brides. However, I didn’t include them here because some websites feel like a big advertisement machine. Some are really nice in a personal kind of way but not informative enough. Some have too much information on their homepage they confuse me. (Maybe signs of aging? hehe!)

How about you, what other wedding websites can you recommend? 


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