ZRM Events, Tagaytay: The Efficient OTD Coordinator

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I’m a very detailed and organized person. People who visited my place and watched me eat can attest to my ”organization” skills. If you know Sheldon of the Big Bang Theory, I’m sort of like that but to a lesser extent. Mr. P knows how I hate it when his socks are on the floor, or when he wouldn’t hang his towel or when he would just mix all the food on his plate. I went berserk a couple of times but Mr. P would still do them and I eventually learned to let go… sometimes.

i’m sharing all these because I want to emphasize how order is very important to me. All the more when it comes to my big day. I’ve already conceived the flow of events in my mind. I’ve already timed how long the ceremony would be, the picture taking, the transfer from the ceremony to the reception area, the reception program and all the minute details of my wedding. I told everything to Mr. P and he just went blank-faced He nodded his head and pretended he understood everything. He doesn’t micromanage things like me, thank God.

Because of my OC tendencies, Mr. P and I decided to get an on-the-day wedding coordinator. We’ll only have 80 guests and I’ve already planned of giving them a detailed program so they’d know what to do. My family and friends are quite aware of my OC-ness but Mr. P’s friends and family don’t. I also don’t want to place a hassle on the suppliers. Most of all, I don’t want to give myself a reason to be anxious. So, I’ll be passing all my OC-ness and anxieties to our OTD Coordinator.

I’ve only found 3 Tagaytay-based wedding coordinators. One is Imajen Events. I’d sent them an email twice asking for their rates and a possible meeting, They didn’t reply so we crossed them on the list. The other is Stat Events and Trends. They had a promo- 8,000 PHP for OTD. It would have been nice to get them but it takes days before they reply. I also asked for a Skype meeting so we can discuss but they didn’t reply again. We crossed them out too.

Thankfully, we found ZRM Events owned by Ms. Irene. She’s really efficient and very accommodating. When I send her an email late last year, she replied quickly. She also took time to meet us last December. When we met her at Splendido, she was ready to discuss her services. She brought her portfolio, sample contracts and to-do checklist. She was also ready to suggest several suppliers we can choose from. She’s really organized and professional which made me feel that ”She’s the One.”

Her normal OTD rates are really affordable (13,000  (with emcee) to 16,500 PHP (with photobooth) but we’ve only allotted 10,000 PHP for the OTD. I told her we only need someone who can suggest Tagaytay-based suppliers, someone who’ll handle the suppliers during the event and someone who’ll direct the guests to where they’re supposed to go. I also have 4 sisters who will be willing to serve as ushers so I don’t need a lot of coordinators. I just need extra hands on my big day.She was generous enough to customize her usual OTD contract based on our budget. Mr. P wasn’t keen on availing ZRM Events services because Ms. Irene seemed formal. I told him that if he wants another OTD, he should find one. He didn’t find one (and I guess he didn’t try) so we’re getting Ms. Irene.

It was also good to know that Ms Irene and our caterer. L&J, have already worked together many times and they only have good words for each other. Let me also add that Ms.Irene was about to give birth when she was finalizing our contract but she was still really efficient and organized.  I have a hunch that she’s as detailed and as organized as I am. And maybe even more. I find this really comforting. Cheers for the OC’s!

Lesson Learned: Just like how people say that someone out there is meant for you, I’d say there are wedding suppliers out there who are meant for you. 


One thought on “ZRM Events, Tagaytay: The Efficient OTD Coordinator

  1. Hi We are based in Ohio USA and planning to get married in the Philippines. I am now browsing ideas on how to plan my own wedding but you are right, we need a OTD wedding coordinator to help us on the day of our wedding. But I when tried to google The OTD wedding coordinator that you hired at ZRM Events, Tagaytay I was not able to locate the person. May I have the phone number and a website of Ms Irene please. Thanks in advance and take care.

    Florenc is Leffel email address: Florence.leffel@yahoo.com


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