L&J Catering, Tagaytay: The Super Nice Caterer

IMG_1854As much as possible, Mr. P and I will get suppliers from Tagaytay. (We’re getting married there.) It will save us from paying out-of-town fees and there’d be less hassle on the suppliers’ part. We’d also be helping the local economy of Tagaytay. Works best for all, I think.

However, finding a reliable caterer in Tagaytay wasn’t easy. It also doesn’t help that I’m an overseas bride so I had to do everything through the internet. Mr. P promised to do the food tasting but he has no time to search for caterers. (Yeah, he’s just having a nice sumptuous time while leaving to me all the work. Tsk, tsk, tsk.)

Some of the Tagaytay-based caterers I considered were: Alba’s Catering, Avengoza, Tops Catering, Senor Chef Mateo and Town’s Delight. We didn’t get any of them. Either because it takes forever for them to reply or they’re out of our budget. We thought of just getting a Manila-based caterer until I came across L&J Catering on Female Network’s Girl Talk. Upon further research, we found great reviews about Sir Willie, the owner of L&J. All of his clients were all praises for him.

I sent a message to him through Facebook. I asked and ‘demanded’ a lot of things including customizing the menu that fits our budget, providing crew meal, designing the ceremony and doing the event styling. Sir Willie  is always prompt to reply, very courteous and doesn’t hesitate to offer his suggestions. (In fact, he’s the reason why we’ll get our wedding venue for a discounted price.) He’s very patient even if I changed my mind for a hundred times regarding the venue and the date. His account on Facebook and the different blogs of brides can attest to his great service. I’m trusting all those people and trusting my instincts that L&J Catering is a good choice. Mr. P hasn’t tasted L&J’s food yet but from all the exchanges Sir Willie and I had and all the raves about him, he’ll definitely be our caterer.

Lesson learned: Don’t give up searching for what you need.


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